Report Bill Anonymously

Help us bring price transparency to healthcare. All contributions are anonymous and confidential, and will be used to determine provider prices.

Step 1: Provider and Insurer(s)

Step 2: Upload Documents

Please upload a file from your computer or a photo from your phone using the button below. We encourage you to redact your name, address and any other personally identifying information. Please leave the provider, insurer(s), procedures and charges visible.

Step 3: Submit Bill

We will make a best effort to ensure confidentiality, including encrypting all submissions. In the unlikely event of an accidental breach, you agree that you will not hold us liable for damages.

OR Submit Via Fax

Alternatively, you can submit via fax. Please ensure hospital and insurers are visible. If not, please write them on the document. Write "uninsured" if not insured.

F: (415) 952-9341